Product: Desmosterol-d6
Catalog Number: D23529
Synonyms: (3β)-Cholesta-5,24-dien-3-ol-d6;
NSC 226126-d6
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Formula: C27H38D6O
Molecular Weight: 390.67
Structure: Desmosterol-d<sub>6</sub>
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Category: Labeled Steroids & Hormones
Literature References:

Vainio, S.; Jansen, M.; Koivusalo, M.; Rog, T.; Karttunen, M.; Vattulainen, I.; Ikonen, E., Significance of Sterol Structural Specificity: DESMOSTEROL CANNOT REPLACE CHOLESTEROL IN LIPID RAFTS. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2005, 281 (1): 348–355.

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Description: A labeled intermediate precursor of cholesterol.