Human Ubiquitin

Recombinant Human Ubiquitin (genbank accession number 229532), with a C-terminal extension (HS UBI-SHHHHHH), is expressed in E.coli using our cell growth medium. The protein is purified by non-denaturing methods to homogeneity as determined by SDS-PAGE. Purified protein is lyophilized under conditions preventing deleterious pH changes and packaged under vacuum. Performance is ensured for each batch by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) testing.

(Storage: Lyophilized protein in unopened containers may be stored for extended periods at -20°C. Once solubilized, the protein should be stored at 4°C and aseptic conditions should be maintained.)

1H15N-HSQC NMR spectrum of uniformly 15N,13C,2H-labeled Ubiquitin. Sample concentration was 0.7 mM in 50 mM phosphate buffer in 90% H2O/10% D2O at pH=6 with 1mM NaN3. NMR measurements were performed at 30ºC on a 500 MHz system. The spectrum was recorded with 128 msec acquisition time in the proton dimension and 75 msec acquisition time in the nitrogen dimension. All characteristic cross-peaks were observed and chemical shifts are in excellent agreement with published literature data (Wang et al., “Journal of Biomolecular NMR.” 1995, (376-382).

Human Ubiquitin Alphabetic Listing

Catalog No. Product Name Enrichment
Quantity Price
17241 His-Ubiquitin -13C
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17242 His-Ubiquitin -15N
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17245 His-Ubiquitin -13C,15N
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17246 His-Ubiquitin -13C,2H,15N
5 mg    Request Quote
17243 His-Ubiquitin -2H, 13C
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17244 His-Ubiquitin -2H, 15N
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3223 Ubiquitin
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C3225 Ubiquitin-13C >98% 13C
1 mg $890   Add to Cart
5 mg $2,090   Add to Cart
C3229 Ubiquitin-2H,13C,15N >98%15N, >97%D, >97%13C
5 mg $4,990   Add to Cart
CD3228 Ubiquitin-2D, 15N >98%15N, >97% 2D
10 mg $3,300   Add to Cart
CN3227 Ubiquitin-13C,15N 99%13C, 98%15N
5 mg $3,800   Add to Cart
1 mg $1,700   Add to Cart
N3226 Ubiquitin-15N 98% 15N
5 mg $2,500   Add to Cart
D3224 Ubiquitin-2H 97% 2H
10 mg $1,850   Add to Cart