Breath Test Kits - 13C

Breath tests have been used in research laboratories for over 25 years. Originally, the tests were based on the use of 14C, rather than on the nonradioactive isotope, 13C. When 13C became widely available at a reasonable cost, research groups in the United States and Europe developed methodologies to measure 13C abundance in samples of CO2. The tests used a variety of substrates and measured pancreatic function, fat absorption, bacterial overgrowth and P450 mixed-function oxidase.

Breath Test Kits

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C903 Aminopyrine(N,N-Dimethyl-13C2) 99%
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C32887 Aminopyrine-13C
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900 Exetainers, Evacuated, screw cap & septum tubes(13 ml)
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C637 Methacetin-methoxy-13C 99%13C
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C905 Phenacetin(ethoxy-1-13C) 99%13C
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C33786 Stearic Acid-1-13C
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C907 Trioctanoin-1-13C
Glyceryl Trioctanoate-1-13C;
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