Product: Mercury(II) Acetate
Catalog Number: 96682
CAS Number: 1600-27-7
Synonyms: Bis(acetyloxy)mercury; Diacetoxymercury; Mercuric Acetate; Mercuric Diacetate; Mercuric(II) Acetate; Mercury Acetate; Mercury Acetate (Hg(O2C2H3)2); Mercury Diacetate; Mercury(2+) Acetate; Mercury(II) Acetate; Mercury(II) Diacetate
Formula: C2H6HgO4
Molecular Weight: 318.68
Structure: Mercury(II) Acetate
Category: Research Compounds
Transportation: Not a dangerous good if item is equal too or less than 1g/ml and there is less than 100g in the package