Product: Tri-tert-butylphosphonium Tetrafluoroborate
Catalog Number: 99923
CAS Number: 131274-22-1
Synonyms: Tri-tert-butylphosphine Tetrafluoroborate; Tris(tert-butyl)phosphine Tetrafluoroborate; Tris(tert-butyl)phosphonium Tetrafluoroborate;
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Structure: Tri-tert-butylphosphonium Tetrafluoroborate
Appearance: White to Off-White Solid
Category: Research Compounds
Properties: mp: >231ºC (dec.)
Storage: Hygroscopic, -20°C Freezer, Under inert atmosphere
Solubility: Chloroform (Slightly), Dichloromethane (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly)