Product: L-Serine-1-13C
Catalog Number: C1181
CAS Number: 81201-84-5
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Formula: 13CC3H7NO3
Enrichment: 99%13C
Molecular Weight: 106.09
Structure: L-Serine-1-<sup>13</sup>C
Appearance: White powder
Category: Labeled Amino Acids and Derivatives
Stability: Stable under recommended storage conditions.

Keep container tightly closed in a cool dry place


Non-hazardous for transport

Literature References:

 Elsila, Jamie E.; Dworkin, Jason P.; Bernstein, Max P.; Martin, Mildred P.; Sandford, Scott A., Mechanisms of Amino Acid Formation in Interstellar Ice Analogs, Astrophys. J., 2007, 660 (1): 911–18,; Takarada, T; Hinoi, E; Takahata, Y; Yoneda, Y., Serine racemase suppresses chondrogenic differentiation in cartilage in a Sox9-dependent manner. Journal of cellular physiology, 2008, May; 215 (2): 320–8.

Applications: A labeled proteinogenic amino acid. Plays a role in the synthesis of purines and pyrimidines. A precursor to several amino acids. Plays a key role in the catalytic function of many enzymes.