Product: L-Tryptophan-UL-13C11,15N2
Catalog Number: CN4053
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Formula: 13C11H1215N2O2
Enrichment: 98%13C, 98%15N
Molecular Weight: 217.13
Structure: L-Tryptophan-UL-<sup>13</sup>C<sub>11</sub>,<sup>15</sup>N<sub>2</sub>
Category: Labeled Amino Acids and Derivatives
Literature References:

Radwanski ER, Last RL, Tryptophan biosynthesis and metabolism: biochemical and molecular genetics. The Plant Cell, 1995 Jul, 7(7): 921–34.; Schaechter JD, Wurtman RJ. Serotonin release varies with brain tryptophan levels. Brain Research, 1990 Nov, 532(1-2): 203–10.; Ravindran AV, da Silva TL, Complementary and alternative therapies as add-on to pharmacotherapy for mood and anxiety disorders: a systematic review. Journal of Affective Disorders, 2013 Sep, 150(3): 707–19.

Applications: A labeled essential amino acid. Acts as a building block in protein synthesis. A precursor for serotonin, niacin, and auxin. Activates a repressor protein in bacteria that binds to the trp operon, which prevents transcription of downstream DNA coding for the synthesis of tryptophan. Found in a wide variety of food sources. May improve depression symptoms.