Product: Fmoc-L-leucine-13C6,15N
Catalog Number: CN4054
CAS Number: 1163133-36-5
Synonyms: N-(9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl)-L-leucine; Fmoc-L-leucine
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Formula: C1513C6H2315NO4
Chemical Purity: 98%
Molecular Weight: 360.36
Structure: Fmoc-L-leucine-<sup>13</sup>C<sub>6</sub>,<sup>15</sup>N
Category: Labeled Amino Acids and Derivatives
Literature References:

Kandemir G, Smith S, Joyce TJ. The influence of contact stress on the wear of cross-linked polyethylene. Proc Inst Mech Eng H. 2018 Oct;232(10):1008-1016. doi: 10.1177/0954411918796047. Epub 2018 Aug 23. PMID: 30136626.

Description: Fmoc-leucine-13C6,15N is a 15N-labeled and 13C-labled Fmoc-leucine. Fmoc-leucine is a selective PPARγ modulator. Fmoc-leucine activates PPARγ with a lower potency but a similar maximal efficacy than rosiglitazone. Fmoc-leucine improves insulin sensitivity