Product: DL-Arginine-d7 hydrochloride
Catalog Number: D1233
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Enrichment: 98%D
Category: Labeled Amino Acids and Derivatives
Literature References:

Marin-Manzano, M.C., Ruiz, R., Jimenez, E., Rubio, L.A., Clemente, A., Anti-carcinogenic soyabean Bowman–Birk inhibitors survive faecal fermentation in their active form and do not affect the microbiota composition in vitro. British Journal of Nitrition, 2009, 101(7):967-971.

Applications: A labeled hydrochloride salt form of the amino acid. Has potential chemopreventive properties. Enhances detoxification enzymes, including certain antioxidant enzymes which may lead to the reduction in the formation of free radicals.