Product: 2’-Deoxyuridine-5,6-d2
Catalog Number: D1808
CAS Number: 40632-23-3
Synonyms: Deoxyribose-5,6-d2 Uracil
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Formula: C9H12N2O5
Enrichment: 98%D
Molecular Weight: 230.22
Structure: 2’-Deoxyuridine-5,6-d<sub>2</sub>
Appearance: White solid
Category: Nucleic Acids - 13C, 15N Alphabetical Listing
Stability: Stable under recommended storage conditions.

Store at room temperature. Adequate ventilation


Non-hazardous for transport

Literature References:
In vitro and in vivoreversal of resistance to 5-fluorouracil in colorectal cancer cells with a novel stealth double-liposomal formulation: R Fanciullino,1 S Giacometti,1 C Mercier,1 C Aubert,1 C Blanquicett,2 P Piccerelle,3 and J Ciccolini1; Author Affliations: 1EA3286-Laboratoire de Pharmacocinétique, Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France; 2Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA; 3Laboratoire de Pharmacie Galénique, Faculté de Pharmacie, 27 Bd Jean Moulin, Marseille 05 13385, France
Applications: A uridine labeled derivative used as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of allergies, cancer, infection and autoimmune disease. A precursor to idoxuridine and trifluridine used as antiviral drugs.