Product: 17α-Ethynylestradiol-16,16-d2 3-Methyl Ether
Catalog Number: D3148
CAS Number: 72-33-3 (unlabeled)
Synonyms: Mestranol
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Enrichment: 98%D
Molecular Weight: 312.45
Structure: 17α-Ethynylestradiol-16,16-d<sub>2</sub> 3-Methyl Ether
Category: Labeled Steroids & Hormones
Literature References:

Goldzieher, J.W., Brody, S.A., Pharmacokinetics of ethinyl estradiol and mestranol. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1990, 163(6.2):2114-2119.

Applications: A labeled synthetic estrogen. Used as the estrogen in many oral contraceptives. A biologically inactive prodrug of ethinyl estradiol.