Product: DL-Normetanephrine-d3 hydrochloride
Catalog Number: D631
CAS Number: 1085333-97-6
Synonyms: rac Normetanephrine-d3 hydrochloride; rac Normetanephrine-d3 HCL; DL-Normetanephrine-d3 HCl
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Formula: HO(CH3O)C6H3CD(OH)CD2NH2 . HCl
Molecular Weight: 222.68
Structure: DL-Normetanephrine-d<sub>3</sub> hydrochloride
Appearance: White solid
Category: Labeled Reference Standards
Stability: Stable

Store at room temperature. Adequate ventilation.


Non-hazardous for transport.

Literature References:

Meek, J.L., Neff, N.H., Acidic and Neutral Metabolites of Norepinephrine: Their Metabolism and Transport from the Brain. JPET, 1972, June, 181(3):457-462.

Applications: Found in urine and certain tissues, A labeled derivative of epinephrine paired with metanephrine.