Product: Stigmasterol-d6
Catalog Number: D72412
Synonyms: (3β,22E)-Stigmasta-5,22-dien-3-ol-d6; Stigmasta-5,22-dien-3β-ol-d6; 24-Ethyl-5,22-cholestadien-3β-ol-d6; 24β-Ethyl-5,22-cholestadien-3β-ol-d6; NSC 8095-d6; Stigmasterin-d6
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Formula: C29H42D6O
Molecular Weight: 418.730
Structure: Stigmasterol-d<sub>6</sub>
Category: Labeled Steroids & Hormones
Storage: 2-8°C Refrigerator
Applications: Stigmasterol-d6 is labelled Stigmasterol which is a plant sterol, used as a precursor in the synthesis of progesterone.