Lamotrigine-N-2-β Glucuronide
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Product: Lamotrigine-N-2-β Glucuronide
Catalog Number: 11322
CAS Number: 133310-19-7
Synonyms: 3,5-Diamino-6-(2,3-dichlorophenyl)-2-D-glucopyranuronosyl-1,2,4-triazinium
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Formula: C15H16Cl2N5O6
Chemical Purity: >99%
Molecular Weight: 433.22
Structure: Lamotrigine-N-2-β Glucuronide
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Category: Glucuronides Labeled and Unlabeled
Literature References:

Rowland, A., Elliot, D.J., Williams, J.A., Mackenzie, P.I., Dickinson, R.G., Miners, J.O., In vitro characterization of lamotrigine N2-glucuronidation and the lamotrigine-valproic acid interaction. Drug Metab. Dispos., 2006, June, 34(6):1055-1062.