Medical Isotopes, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of stable isotope chemicals labeled with: Deuterium, C13, N15, O18 and metal isotopes.  We specialize in custom synthesis with isotopes and non-labeled compounds.
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Providing stable isotope chemicals and research compounds worldwide to universities, laboratories, hospitals, and government agencies.
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  • Products listed on our website
    If you locate the product you need on our website and would like to purchase it on-line, please register for on-line shopping. You can order as many compounds as you like on this form at one time. Confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours. We sell and ship our products worldwide.
  • Custom Synthesis
    Please complete the inquiry about a product form, e-mail, or telephone us at (603) 635-2255 or (800) 374-9513 and we will e-mail you an official quotation for the product and a delivery time for the custom synthesis. All quotations to you will be noted as a custom synthesis. Please see Custom Synthesis Policies for terms and conditions regarding custom synthesis.
  • Purchase Orders
    If you would like to order a product(s), please have your purchasing department Email ( us an official signed Purchase Order, complete with a ship to and bill to address, quantity and product name and catalog number. We prefer to receive attached Purchase Orders in .pdf format.

    You can also Fax us your purchase order to us at (603) 635-2448. On the purchase order we need to have a Purchase Order Number, the ship to address and the bill to address as well as the receivers name and telephone number. Please also include the product name, the quantity, price of the compound, and shipping and insurance cost.

  • Credit Cards
    We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards for purchases. Although we do accept credit card orders over the telephone, (603 635-2255), we prefer that you register for on-line shopping. When you register for a personalized on-line shopping experience, we guarantee you the safety and security of SSL encryption for your credit card information, while delivering the ability to:
    • Order products on-line
    • Use a purchase order number or a credit card for purchases
    • See products you purchased before
    • Add, delete or edit items placed in your shopping cart
    • Receive confirmation of your order
    • View the status of your order
  • Bank Wire Transfer
    If we have not dealt with your company before and your order is over $500, you would have to establish a credit line with our company first. However, this is a very simple procedure. We ask that you simply wire transfer the money directly to our bank for the amount of your purchase plus the shipping and insurance charges. We would send you a Pro Forma Invoice for the product(s) with banking transfer information on the Pro Forma. We will not pay for bank fees arising from the wire transfer from your bank, but pay for our bank fees only.

    We will ship the products immediately after receiving the wire transfer unless we noted a longer delivery time on our quotation to you. After a credit line is established with your wire transfer to our company, we will send out any new product orders within the quoted delivery time, with an invoice indicating the payment to be made within 30 days of the product shipment.


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