Product: Linoleic acid-13C18
Catalog Number: C702
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Enrichment: 98%13C
C Chain: C18:2
Double Bonds: 9 cis, 12 cis
Structure: Linoleic acid-<sup>13</sup>C<sub>18</sub>
Category: Unsaturated Fatty Acids 13C & 2H
Literature References:

Diezel, W.E.; Schulz, E.; Skanks, M.; Heise, H., Plant oils: Topical application and anti-inflammatory effects (croton oil test). Dermatologische Monatsschrift, 1993, 179: 173.; Letawe, C; Boone, M; Pierard, GE, Digital image analysis of the effect of topically applied linoleic acid on acne microcomedones. Clinical & Experimental Dermatology, 1998, 23 (2): 56–58.

Applications: A labeled polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. Used in the making of quick-drying oils in oil paints and varnishes. Used in a variety of cosmetics because of the beneficial properties on the skin.