Product: Linolenic Acid-6,6,7,7-d4 methyl ester in isoOctane
Catalog Number: D118
Enrichment: 90%D
C Chain: C18:3
Double Bonds: 9 cis, 12 cis, 15 cis
Category: Fatty Acids 13C & 2H Alphabetical Listing
Literature References:

Hejazi, L., Ebrahimi, D., Hibbert, D.B., Determination of the composition of fatty acid mixtures using GC x FI-MS: a comprehensive two-dimensional separation approach. Analytical Chemistry, 2009, 81(4):1450-1458.

Applications: A labeled methyl ester used as a reference standard for GC or HPLC analysis of cis- and trans-fatty acid methyl ester isomers.