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Deuterium Oxide also called Heavy Water

D2O, 99.9 atom % D available from 1 Kg to Ton quantities.

Deuterium has in the nucleus one proton and one neutron with an atomic weight of 2, as compared to hydrogen which has just one proton in the nucleus with the atomic weight of 1.

Heavy water or D2O has a wide application ranging from its use to create deuterated compounds, as a reference standard, as a tracer in oil coring samples, and for neutralizing or cooling in atomic reactors. It is non-toxic to humans, animals or plant life in diluted form.

Catalog No. Product Name Enrichment
Quantity Price
D17249 Deuterium oxide
D2O, Heavy Water;
99.9 atom% D
1 kg $1,490   Add to Cart
D174 Deuterium oxide D2O, microbiological tested
250 ml $505   Add to Cart
DO2016 Deuterium oxide D218O
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D16812 Deuterium oxide 99.8% enrichment
Heavy water;
5 kg    Request Quote

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