CD3OD           Methanol-d4

Synthesizing reference standards for complex pharmaceuticals requires syntheses expertise with stable isotope of deuterium, carbon and nitrogen.  Methanol-d4 is one of these important stable isotope compounds essential to the syntheses of many reference standards of pharmaceuticals and their metabolites.  We are pleased to offer the research community this high quantity raw material from gram to bulk Kg quantities.

Catalog #: D17289: 5 mg = $80   1 Kg = $3990

Enrichment:  99.8 atom% D4, Chemical Purity: >99%

Deuterium Oxide, Heavy Water:

The many uses of Deuterium Oxide, Heavy Water

  • in groundwater hydrology, as a tracer in environmental studies.
  • for pharmacological deuterium labeling of drugs, to improve pharmaceutical efficacy.
  • as a moderator in CANDU nuclear reactors for electricity production.
  • as a tracer in oil drilling.

Catalog # D17249: 1 Kg = $550   300 Kg @ $480/Kg

Enrichment:  99.9 atom% D, Chemical Purity: 99.99%

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