Product: TMCT
Catalog Number: 111329
CAS Number: 158111-10-5
Synonyms: 8-Azabicyclo[3.2.1]octane-2-carboxylic acid, 8-methyl-3-[4-(trimethylstannyl)phenyl]-, methyl ester, (1R,2S,3S,5S)-; (-)-2-beta-Carbomethoxy-3beta-[4-(trimethylstannyl)]phenyltropane; Trimethylstannyl-beta-CT
Formula: C19H29NO2Sn
Chemical Purity: min. 95%
Molecular Weight: 422.15
Structure: TMCT
Appearance: Colorless crystals
Category: PET PRECURSORS, 18F / 11C Labeled Compounds
Literature References:

Ametamey S.M. et al. Synthesis of nor-beta-CIT, beta-CIT and trimethylstannyl-beta-CT, Nucl. Med. Biol. 1995, 22, 959-964.

Applications: Precursor for [18F]CFT Precursor for [*I]beta-CIT