Product: 11-cis Retinal
Catalog Number: 13371
CAS Number: 564-87-4
Synonyms: (11Z)-Retinal;
11-cis-Vitamin A Aldehyde;
Neoretinene b
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Formula: C20H28O
Molecular Weight: 284.44
Structure: 11-cis Retinal
Category: Vitamin A
Transportation: Ships on dry ice
Literature References:

BuczyÅ‚ko, J; Saari, JC; Crouch, RK; Palczewski, K. "Mechanisms of opsin activation". The Journal of Biological Chemistry 271 (34): 20621–30 (1996).

Applications: An isomer of Retinal. Forms half of the rhodopsin molecule, an essential endogenous chemical for the function of visual perception.