Product: Doxorubicinol (free base)
Catalog Number: 32766
CAS Number: 54193-28-1
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Chemical Purity: >90%
Molecular Weight: 659.56
Structure: Doxorubicinol (free base)
Category: Research Compounds
Literature References:

Boucek, R.J., Olson, R.D., Brenner, D.E., Ogunbunmi, E.M., Inui, M., Fleischer, S., The major metabolite of doxorubicin is a potent inhibitor of membrane-associated ion pumps. A correlative study of cardiac muscle with isolated membrane fractions. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1987, 262:15851-15856.

Applications: The major metabolite of doxorubucun. Inhibits isometric contractions of the papillary muscle. Increases resting tension of isolated cardiac muscle that doesn't fully relax during contraction.