Product: L-Ornithine monohydrochIoride
Catalog Number: 33117
CAS Number: 3184-13-2
Synonyms: L-Ornithine monohydrochloride;
(S)-2,5-Diaminopentanoic acid monohydrochloride
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Molecular Weight: 168.62
Structure: L-Ornithine monohydrochIoride
Category: Research Compounds
Literature References:

Sugino, T; Shirai, T; Kajimoto, Y; Kajimoto, O., L-ornithine supplementation attenuates physical fatigue in healthy volunteers by modulating lipid and amino acid metabolism. Nutrition research, 2008, 28 (11): 738–43.

Applications: A non-essential amino acid that plays a role in the urea cycle and human development. Increases the efficiency of energy consumption and promotes the excretion of ammonia.