Product: Posaconazole
Catalog Number: 5789
CAS Number: 171228-49-2
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Formula: C37H42F2N8O4
Chemical Purity: 98%
Molecular Weight: 700.78
Structure: Posaconazole
Category: Research Compounds
Literature References:

Schiller DS, Fung HB, Posaconazole: an extended-spectrum triazole antifungal agent. Clin Ther, 2007, 29 (9): 1862–86.; Rachwalski EJ, Wieczorkiewicz JT, Scheetz MH, Posaconazole: an oral triazole with an extended spectrum of activity. Ann Pharmacother, 2008, 42 (10): 1429–38.

Applications: A triazole antifungal drug. Disrupts the close packing acyl chains of phospholipids, impairing the function of membrane-bound enzymes such as ATPase and other enzymes of the electron transport chain, inhibiting growth.