Product: Sep-Pak Accell Plus QMA Plus Light Cartridge, 37-55 um Particle Size, Chloride counter ion. 50/box
Catalog Number: 5857

130 mg Sorbent per Cartridge.

Sep-Pak Accell Plus QMA Plus Light cartridges contain a silica-based, hydrophilic, strong anion-exchanger with large pore size (300Å). The cartridges are designed for extraction of anionic analytes in aqueous and non-aqueous solutions. The large pore size makes it ideal for isolation of larger molecules such as anionic proteins such as immunoglobulins and enzymes. Other applications include isolation of phenolic compounds and removal of acidic pigments in wine, fruit juices, and food extracts. These cartridges have a distinctive finned outer body and a reduced internal diameter, which results in an interstitial volume about one-third that of the corresponding Plus-style cartridge. This design allows you to elute fractions in a minimal volume to improve recoveries and reduce solvent consumption, a benefit especially for applications where samples are limited or where excessive dilution is a concern.

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1 box (50 cartridges per box)
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