Product: Ubiquitin-13C
Catalog Number: C3225
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Enrichment: >98% 13C
Category: Human Ubiquitin Alphabetic Listing
Literature References:

Glickman MH, Ciechanover A., The ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway: destruction for the sake of construction. Physiol. Rev., 2002, Apr., 82 (2): 373–428.; Mukhopadhyay D, Riezman H., Proteasome-independent functions of ubiquitin in endocytosis and signaling. Science, 2007, Jan., 315(5809): 201–5.; Schnell JD, Hicke L., Non-traditional functions of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-binding proteins. J. Biol. Chem. 2003, Sep., 278(38): 35857–60.

Applications: A labeled regulatory protein. Found in almost all eukaryotic tissues. The addition of ubiquitin to proteins can signal for protein degradation, alter their cellular location, affect activity, and promote or inhibit protein interactions.