Product: L-Phenylalanine-d8
Catalog Number: D1162
CAS Number: 17942-32-4
Synonyms: L-Phenyl-d5-alanine-2,3,3-d3
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Formula: C6D5CD2CD(NH2)COOH
Enrichment: 98%D
Structure: L-Phenylalanine-d<sub>8</sub>
Category: Labeled Amino Acids and Derivatives
Literature References:

Mortell KH, Anderson DJ, Lynch JJ et al., Structure-activity relationships of alpha-amino acid ligands for the alpha2delta subunit of voltage-gated calcium channels. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2006, 16 (5): 1138–41.; Glushakov, AV; Dennis, DM; Morey, TE; Sumners, C; Cucchiara, RF; Seubert, CN; Martynyuk, AE, Specific inhibition of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor function in rat hippocampal neurons by L-phenylalanine at concentrations observed during phenylketonuria. Molecular psychiatry, 2002, 7 (4): 359–67.; Glushakov, AV; Dennis, DM; Sumners, C; Seubert, CN; Martynyuk, AE, L-phenylalanine selectively depresses currents at glutamatergic excitatory synapses. Journal of neuroscience research, 2003, 72 (1): 116–24.

Applications: A labeled electrically neutral amino acid. Used to form proteins coded for by DNA. A precursor to to the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine. May be used as an analgesic and antidepressant. A competitive antagonist at the glycine binding site of NMDA receptor and at the glutamate binding site of AMPA receptor.