Product: L-Tyrosine-d4
Catalog Number: D1216
CAS Number: 62595-14-6
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Enrichment: 98%D
Structure: L-Tyrosine-d<sub>4</sub>
Category: Labeled Amino Acids and Derivatives
Literature References:

Deijen JB, Orlebeke JF, Effect of tyrosine on cognitive function and blood pressure under stress. Brain Res. Bull., 1994, 33 (3): 319–23.; Lieberman HR, Corkin S, Spring BJ, Wurtman RJ, Growdon JH, The effects of dietary neurotransmitter precursors on human behavior. Am J Clin Nutr., 1985, 42 (2): 366–370.; Deijen JB, Wientjes CJ, Vullinghs HF, Cloin PA, Langefeld JJ, Tyrosine improves cognitive performance and reduces blood pressure in cadets after one week of a combat training course. Brain Res. Bull., 1999, 48 (2): 203–9.

Applications: A labeled non-essential proteinogenic amino acid. Functions as a receiver of phosphate groups that are transferred by protein kinases to proteins that are a part of signal transduction processes. Also plays an important role in photosynthesis. A precursor to neurotransmitters.