Product: Tyramine-d4 hydrochloride
Catalog Number: D14107
CAS Number: 1189884-47-6
Synonyms: 4-(2-Aminoethyl-d4)phenol HCl;
2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)ethyl-1,1,2,2-d4-amine HCl;
Tyrosamine-d4 HCl
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Formula: C8H8D4ClNO
Enrichment: 98%D
Molecular Weight: 177.66
Structure: Tyramine-d<sub>4</sub> hydrochloride
Category: Labeled Amino Acids and Derivatives
Literature References:

Philips, Rozdilsky, Boulton, Evidence for the presence of m-tyramine, p-tyramine, tryptamine, and phenylethylamine in the rat brain and several areas of the human brain. Biological Psychiatry, 1978, 13 (1): 51–57.; D'Andrea, G; Nordera, GP; Perini, F; Allais, G; Granella, F., Biochemistry of neuromodulation in primary headaches: focus on anomalies of tyrosine metabolism. Neurological Sciences, 2007, 28(S2): S94–S96.

Applications: A labeled monoamine derivative of tyrosine. Acts as a catecholamine releasing agent. May act directly as a neurotransmitter. Elevated levels may cause migraines.