Product: Panthenol-d6 in ethanol
Catalog Number: D16289
Unlabeled CAS Number: 81-13-0

5 mg dissolved in 1 ml ethanol (anhydrous)

Synonyms: D-Panthenol-d6; Dexpanthenol-d6
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Formula: C9H13NO4D6
Molecular Weight: 211.29
Structure: Panthenol-d<sub>6</sub> in ethanol
Appearance: Clear liquid
Category: Vitamin B
Literature References:

Ebner F, Heller A, Rippke F, Tausch I., Topical Use of Dexpanthenol in Skin Disorders. American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, 2002, 3(6): 427–433.

Applications: A labeled alcohol analog of pantothenic acid. A provitamin of B5. Used in cosmetics as a moisturizer, humectant, and emollient. Also used in ointments as an effective skin penetrator.