Product: Glycoursodeoxycholic-2,2,4,4-d4 acid
Catalog Number: D2164
Unlabeled CAS Number: 64480-66-6
CAS Number: 2044276-17-5
Synonyms: Glycoursodiol-d4
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Formula: C26H39NO5D4
Enrichment: 98%D
Molecular Weight: 453.65
Structure: Glycoursodeoxycholic-2,2,4,4-d<sub>4</sub> acid
Category: Bile Acids
Literature References:

Brito, M.A., Lima, S., Fernandes, A., Falcao, A.S., Silva, R.F.M., Butterfield, A., Brites, D., Bilirubin injury to neurons: Contribution of oxidative stress and rescue by glycoursodeoxycholic acid. NeuroToxicology, 2008, March; 29(2):259-269.

Applications: A labeled acyl glycine and bile acid-glycine conjugate. Metabolite of ursodeoxycholic acid. Facilitates excretion, absorption, and transport of fats and sterols in the intestine and liver. Used as an anticholelithogenic.