Product: Glycochenodeoxycholic Acid-d5 3-Sulfate Disodium Salt
Catalog Number: D25966
Synonyms: N-[(3α,5β,7α)-7-Hydroxy-24-oxo-3-(sulfooxy)cholan-24-yl]glycine-d5 Disodium Salt;
Glycochenodeoxycholic Acid 3α-Sulfate-d5 Disodium Salt
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Formula: C26H36D5NNa2O8S
Molecular Weight: 578.68
Structure: Glycochenodeoxycholic Acid-d<sub>5</sub> 3-Sulfate Disodium Salt
Category: Bile Acids
Literature References:

Story, J.A., Kritchevsky, D., Comparison of the binding of various bile acids and bile salts in vitro by several types of fiber. The Journal of Nutrition, 1976, 106(9):1292-1294.; Barnes, S., Burhol, P.G.,Zander, R., Haggstrom, G., Settine, R.L., Hirschowitz, B.I., Enzymatic sulfation of glycochenodeoxycholic acid by tissue fractions from adult hamsters. The Journal of Lipid Research, 1979, Nov.; 20:952-959.

Applications: A labeled bile salt. Acts as a detergent to help with fat absorption.