Product: m-Cresol-d8
Catalog Number: D32172
CAS Number: 302911-90-6
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Formula: CD3C6D4OD
Enrichment: 98%D
Molecular Weight: 116.19
Structure: m-Cresol-d<sub>8</sub>
Category: Environmental Reference Standards
Literature References:

Whittingham, J.L., Edwards, D.J., Antson, A.A., Clarkson, J.M., Dodson, G.G., Interactions of Phenol and m-Cresol in the Insulin Hexamer, and Their Effect on the Association Properties of B28 Pro → Asp Insulin Analogues. Biochemistry, 1998, 37(33):11516-11523.; Zhou, G., Fang, H.H.P., Co-degradation of phenol and m-cresol in a UASB reactor. Bioresource Technology, 1997, 61(1):47-52.

Applications: A labeled derivative of phenol. A precursor to the pesticides Fenitrothion and Fenthion. Also a precursor to synthetic vitamin E. Used as a solvent for dissolving polymers. Also used as a preservative in some insulins.