Product: 4-Pregnen-21-ol-3,20-dione-2,2,4,6,6,17α,21,21-d8
Catalog Number: D4301
CAS Number: 55487-63-3
Synonyms: 11-Deoxycorticosterone-2,2,4,6,6,17α,21,21-d8;
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Formula: C21D8H30O3
Enrichment: 96%D
Chemical Purity: 97%
Molecular Weight: 338.52
Structure: 4-Pregnen-21-ol-3,20-dione-2,2,4,6,6,17α,21,21-d<sub>8</sub>
Appearance: White solid
Category: Labeled Steroids & Hormones
Stability: Stable under recommended storage conditions

Store at room temperature. Adequate ventilation. Protect from heat. Protect from light


Non-hazardous for transport

Literature References:

Schambelan M & Biglieri EC, Deoxycorticosterone production and regulation in man. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 1972, 34; 695-703.; Grekin RJ Terris JM Bohr DF, Electrolyte and hormonal effects of deoxycorticosterone acetate in young pigs. Hypertension, 1980, 2; 326-332.

Description: A labeled steroid hormone produced by the adrenal gland. Possesses mineralocorticoid activity. A precursor to aldosterone. Regulates electrolytes. Removes potassium form leucocytes and muscle, depresses glycogen formation and stimulates copper containing lysyl oxidase enzyme and connective tissue.