Product: 7α-Hydroxycholesterol-25,26,26,26,27,27,27-d7
Catalog Number: D642
CAS Number: 349553-94-2
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Formula: C26H37D7O2
Enrichment: 98%D
Chemical Purity: 97%
Molecular Weight: 409.70
Structure: 7α-Hydroxycholesterol-25,26,26,26,27,27,27-d<sub>7</sub>
Category: Cholesterol
Literature References:

Duane, W.C., Javitt, N.B., Conversion of 7 alpha-hydroxycholesterol to bile acid in human subjects: is there an alternate pathway favoring cholic acid synthesis? J. Lab. Clin. Med., 2002, Feb., 139(2):109-115.

Description: A labeled precursor to bile acids.