Product: 5α-Pregnan-3α,21-diol-20-one-17,21,21-d3
Catalog Number: D967
Unlabeled CAS Number: 567-02-2
Synonyms: 3α,21-Dihydroxy-5α-pregnan-20-one-d3
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Formula: C21H31D3O3
Enrichment: 95.5%D
Category: Labeled Steroids & Hormones
Literature References:

Wieland, S., Lan, N.C., Mirasedeghi, S., Gee, K.W., Anxiolytic activity of the progesterone metabolite 5α-pregnan-3α-ol-20-one. Brain Research, 1991, Nov., 565(2):263-268.; Frye, C.A., Duncan, J.E., Progesterone metabolites, effective at the GABAA receptor complex, attenuate pain sensitivity in rats. Brain Research, 1994, Apr., 643(1-2):194-203.

Applications: A labeled neurosteroid. A metabolite of progesterone. Activates GABA-A receptors through allosteric mechanisms. Possesses anticonvulsant, antianxiety, and anesthetic activities.