Product: Cytidine-15N3
Catalog Number: N4086
Synonyms: rC-15N3
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Enrichment: 15N>98%
Category: Ribonucleosides- 15N
Literature References:

Wurtman RJ, Regan M, Ulus I, Yu L., Effect of oral CDP-choline on plasma choline and uridine levels in humans. Biochem Pharmacol., 2000, 60 (7): 989–92.; Machado-Vieira, Rodrigo; Salvadore, Giacomo; DiazGranados, Nancy; Ibrahim, Lobna; Latov, David; Wheeler-Castillo, Cristina; Baumann, Jacqueline; Henter, Ioline D.; Zarate, Carlos A., New Therapeutic Targets for Mood Disorders. The Scientific World Journal, 2010, 10: 713–726.

Applications: A labeled nucleoside. A pyrimidine component of RNA. Controls neuronal-glial glutamate cycling. A potential glutamatergic antidepressant drug.